Puddle Jumping Valentine Envelopes and Stickers

Hey everyone! Sorry my post is a bit late. I got my days mixed up and didn’t realize it was my turn to share a project (last week).

I can hardly believe January is almost over which means…Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I have two daughters in elementary school which means double the Valentines and double the work!

Luckily, I’m slightly ahead of schedule this year – I already made these custom Valentine Envelopes with sticker cut outs as a small gift. These will be labeled and handed out by my daughter in Kindergarten. Her older sister will be handing out something different.

Puddle Jumping Themed Valentine Envelopes and Stickers

How to Make Custom Valentine Envelopes and Matching Stickers

Tools and Materials

Custom Envelopes

1. Open Custom Envelope File. Remove or delete the envelope sleeve. Rotate envelope and scale down to 4.572″ x 5.205″.

2. Fill envelope with pattern. I used a file from LD’s Puddle Jumping paper pack.

custom valentine envelopes and stickers


3. Draw and fill a rounded rectangle to fit within the face of the envelope. Add graphics and text. Because this is a print and cut project, make sure you turn off any unwanted cut lines.  Group the graphics, text and rounded rectangle together.

Custom Envelopes Silhouette Project


3. Center the rounded rectangle/label within the the custom envelope file. Select all and group items together. Replicate and fill page (should be able to fit 2 within a 8.5″ x 11″ print and cut page setup).

4. Print and cut on plain card stock. I used Domtar brand card stock from Staples. It’s not as nice as American Crafts white card stock but it cuts WAY better than the Michael’s Recollections stuff.

Puddle Jumping Themed Valentines

Puddle Jumping Stickers

I make a lot of stickers with my Silhouette Cameo – so often that I try to always have some Silhouette White Sticker paper on hand.

To create my stickers, I used LD’s Puddle Jumping Cut its set. They are not really Valentine’s Day themed but they are gender neutral and work out great as stickers. I hope my daughter’s kindergarten classmates enjoy them!

How to Make Your Own Puddle Jumping Stickers

1. Start with a 8.5″ x 11″ print and cut page.

2. Open up a LD Puddle Jumping Cut it. Select and group layers together.

Grouping layers silhouette studio


3.  Scale  the image so the height is 1.5″. Lock aspect ratio so you don’t have to change the width.

4. Follow these instructions on how to prepare LD files for print and cut projects.

5. Create a trace/cut line around your file. Offset the trace/cut line by 0.1″. Your file should now have a border giving it a “sticker” look.

Using offset feature Silhouette Studio

6. Delete or turn off the cut line around your Puddle Jumping image. Group the image with the offset layer.

Puddle Jumping Stickers

7. Because these are sticker cuts out you can arrange your stickers anywhere on your print and cut project area. I usually like to squeeze as many as I can in a row and copy and paste the files so the process of filling the mat is pretty quick.

Puddle Jumping Stickers Silhouette Cameo

8. I used the White Sticker Paper cut settings and checked the double cut box in order to ensure a clean cut around each sticker.

custom puddle jumping stickers

Custom Puddle Jumping Valentines Project

Oops, that puddle jumper didn’t come out as clean cut as I would like!

I love how the Puddle Jumping stickers turned out. I know they aren’t really Valentine-ish but you could add some hearts if you want to be more festive.

Overall I think these custom envelopes and stickers are a great alternative to giving kids sweet treats on Valentine’s Day.

That’s all for now! Until next time…

Happy Crafting!


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