Stay Organized with Custom Envelopes and Sticker Labels

Hello everyone! As a mom of school aged children, I often find myself scrambling in the mornings to find a baggy or envelope to send money and permission forms back to school. Once I find an envelope or ziplock bag, I still have to label it with all the pertinent info such as the student’s name, classroom and what the money is for etc. All these little tasks quickly add up and next thing you know, it’s time to rush out the door.

No more chaos when it comes to sending stuff back to school! Today I’m going to show you how I used Silhouette Studio and my Cameo to make these super cute custom envelopes and sticker labels for keeping home to school communications simple and organized.

custom envelopes and sticker labels

custom envelopes and sticker labels

Custom Mini Envelope and Sticker Labels

Tools & Materials

Page settings for envelopes: 12″ x 12″

1. Start by opening the Custom Envelope file. Ungroup the file and move the envelope liner away from the mat. Group the envelope layers together.

Mini Money Envelopes

2. Resize the envelope so you can fit two side by side within the cutting area of the mat. Sorry, I don’t have the exact dimensions of the resized envelopes (I just eyeballed it!).

School/Home Communications Envelope

3. Draw a rounded rectangle within the rectangular area of the envelope. When you are satisfied with the way the rounded rectangle fits, copy the item and paste it in a new project file.


4. Adjust the page settings of your new project file to 8.5″ x 11″ portrait. This is where we will setup the file for the print and cut sticker labels.

5. Click on the rounded rectangle. Go to the cutting settings and choose the no cut option. Click on the rectangle and choose the line settings. Increase the line thickness to 0.03 pt. Click on the rounded rectangle again and create an offset of 0.125″.

6. I designed my sticker labels by adding lines within the rounded rectangle. Make sure you change the line thickness to 0.03pt and choose no cut for all the lines you created for the label.  Next I added the text. It’s a bit of work setting up the first label but once it’s done you will be able to replicate it easily.

I created my sticker with the following labels:  Name, Division, Teacher, Permission Slip, Money Enclosed, Amount and Note. There is a small area for me to write the necessary info before I fill, seal and send the envelope back to school in my daughter’s planner or backpack.

7. Change the colour of the lines and text to your liking. I tried to colour my lines to complement the Fine and Dandy Paper.

8. Group all the layers together and replicate the sticker label to fill the page.


9. When you have finished working on the sticker and envelope files you can print and cut your items. Fold and glue the envelopes together. Place a sticker label on the front of each envelope.

Silhouette Cameo Project Custom Envelopes and Sticker Labels


I can’t wait to start using my envelopes! (I should have made these during the summer!) I didn’t design or make stickers for envelope seals because the Fine and Dandy collection kit comes with tons of co-ordinating stickers.

Silhouette Cameo Project

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I look forward to sharing my next project soon!

Until next time…happy crafting!


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