Fall Dolls Shaped Mini Note Cards

In my last post, I showed you how to use Silhouette Studio and the Cameo cutter to design and create mini notecards/lunchbox notes. My girls love finding the little envelopes and notes in their backpacks and planners. They are such a hit that I decided to make more mini note cards – shaped mini note cards to be precise.

Silhouette Cameo Project: Shaped Mini Note Cards

Fall Dolls Shaped Mini Notecards by inspirednest.caThese shaped mini notecards may look complicated but they are really easy to create with Silhouette Studio. The secret to making interesting shaped cards is the welding feature. Prior to making these cards, I never made use of the weld feature. Now that I have tried it out, I’m sure I’ll be welding more frequently!

Make Shaped Mini Note cards with Silhouette Studio and Cameo

Ready to make your own shaped mini notecards?

Let’s get started!

Note: My project was inspired by the amazing Jin via Under a Cherry Tree. Her wonderful videos and tutorials have taught me so much. The best way to learn how to make shaped mini note cards is to watch her step by step video tutorial

I’m also writing a tutorial that is specific to how I created my own mini note cards.

How to Make Shaped Mini Notecards featuring Fall Dolls by Lettering Delights

Tools & Materials:

For this project you will be setting up your page as 8.5″ x 11″ with the registration marks turned on.

1. Draw a business card size rectangle (3.5″ x 2″). This rectangle will become a guide for setting up your mini notecard.

2. Go to your library and choose your file from the Fall Dolls Cut its set. Group all the doll layers together. (Latest version of SS automatically groups the layers). Create a new trace line around the outer edge of the doll. Resize the doll so it fits within the rectangle. Make an offset of 0.07″. Create a second offset of 0.085″. Select all the layers (doll and two offsets) and group them together.

Fall Dolls Mini Note Cards by inspirednest.ca

3. Draw a rounded rectangle. Add lines inside. Space the lines out evenly. I just eyeball it! Select the rectangle and lines. Choose the alignment tools and click on centre. This will centre the lines within the rectangle. Right click and group the items together.

Fall Dolls Shaped Mini Note Cards by inspirednest.ca

4. Drag the rounded rectangle next to the Fall Doll image. Create an offset around the rectangle. Increase the size of the offset so that it sits as close to the business card rectangle as possible. It doesn’t have to fit perfectly. Remember, the business card is just a guide. Group the offset with the rounded rectangle.

5. Place the Fall Doll image so that it overlaps the edge of the rounded rectangle. Select all and then click on the alignment tools and choose align bottom.

Shaped Mini Note Cards Silhouette Studio Cameo Project

6. Remove the business card rectangle. Now you are going to weld the two images together. First, you must ungroup each set of layers. Then you can select the edge of the rounded rectangle and the Fall Doll. Right click and choose weld. Your image should now be welded together.

Shaped Mini Note Cards Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo Mini Shaped Notecards

7. This is a good time to choose the colour and style of your lines. It is also a good time to turn off all cut lines except for the edge. Once you have edited the notecard to your liking, select all and group the layers together.

Silhouette Cameo Project: Mini Note Cards

8. To setup for print and cut – Select your mini note card. Click on object —–>select replicate —–>select fill page. Voila, you are all set to print and cut a bunch of super cute shaped mini notecards. Easy peasy.

shaped mini note cards by inspirednest.ca

Don’t be intimidated by all the steps involved. Much like making custom stickers, creating notecards is fun and easy once you get the hang of it. The skills to master are definitely learning how to create an offset and using the weld feature. Knowing these two Silhouette basics will help you design a wide variety of projects.

Shaped Mini Notecards

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I look forward to sharing my next project with you soon.

Until next time…Happy Fall and Happy Crafting!


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