Fun with inks and stamps


I have patiently been waiting to try these new inks from Scrapbooksbydesign and they finally arrived this week. I have really found a new passion in stamping on clay so I was really excited to try these Memento inks. They are vibrant and they keep their colour even after being heated in an oven while the clay bakes.

So what to make first with these inks? It was a tough choice but I know of a little girl who actually got a hedgehog as a pet and I thought this stamp set from Lawn Fawn would be perfect to make her a necklace.


The supplies you will need is white and pink polymer clay, ink, stamp and eye pin if you choose to make a necklace. In previous posts I have shown you how to stamp on clay and to follow the manufacturers instructions on how to bake it. Make sure you insert the eye pin before baking. You can add more detail like glitter or even personalize it further by writing on it with a marker.


Here is the finished project and I now I just need to find some ribbon and clasps to string this on to.

Hope you enjoyed this project and have a great weekend!


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