Spring break is here!

Here is a fun project to keep the kids busy. Scrapbooks by design has some great paper packs and it was really hard to choose just one theme to make some fun bottle cap charms.


I ended up using the  Cool Summer Paper Pack to experiment with.


For supplies you will need some bottle caps, polymer clay, clay cutters or you can just free form them, glue, paper punch and papers.

There are a variety of paper punches available at Scrapbooks by design, and there was one that would fit perfectly inside my bottle cap. I then punched out the design I wanted and then figured out a clay design to go with it. I used a variety of small cutters and also just hand cut the ice cream cone. Bake the clay and let it cool, add some glitter for some sparkle. I used a glue stick to apply the paper image and some crazy glue to attach the clay piece to the bottle cap. Image

Start thinking about how you can use your scrapbooking paper to make other crafts, it really is a fun way to use up your scraps!

Happy Spring Break!



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