Envelope Punch Board Gift Card Holder

Do you give gift cards?  Use my easy pattern to create a fun, personalized gift card holder for each of the people on your list.  I created two different styles of gift card holders for this post.  The first is easy to make using pre-made embellishments.  The second and third ones I used some stamping and embossing techniques to crank my technique up a notch.

Here are the supplies I used from the store:

Here is the first one made with double sided paper from the Happy Harvest 12 x 12 Collection by Doodlebug and This & That Happy Harvest stickers from the same collection:

Envelope Punch Board Gift Card Holder

And here is the second one with some stamping and embossing:

Christmas Envelope Punch Board Gift Card Holder

And a third, using Lawn Fawn’s Winter Sparrows stamps and dies.


Here is a quick tutorial:

Step 1:  Trim a piece of card stock or double sided paper 2 3/4″ wide x 7 5/8″ long.

Step 2:  Score 1 1/4″ from one end.  Leave your card stock in your score board and score 4 7/8″ from the same end.

Step 3:  Don’t crease your folds yet!  Have a look at your scored card stock.  You will see a short section on one side and a longer section on the other side with a much longer centre part.

Step 4:  Place the short end of the longer section in the Envelop Punch Board and line up the left edge with the 2″ mark.  Punch.

Step 5:  Flip the card stock over and place the other edge at the 2″ mark.  Your end should look like this:

Punch Board Edge

Step 6:  Crease your folds and use 1/8″ Score Tape on the short edges of the short section to form a pocket.

Step 7:  Fold the top section down and insert the centre tab you created with the punch board under the pocket you created with by folding up the shorter edge.

Now you can embellish, stamp, or do whatever you want to make your gift card holder perfect for your recipient.  These are seriously addicting!  I based my gift card holder on a post here.  There is a video there if you are a visual learner!

I have a Pinterest Board with a few other Punch Board ideas.  You can see it here.

Hope your Christmas shopping is well under way!


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