Simple Hang Tags for Your Handmade Gifts

T’is the season for crafting one of a kind handmade gifts! Well for me it is…Let’s see, a few years ago I made personalized faux sherpa blankets for all my nieces and nephews. Last year I made personalized Christmas T-Shirts and knitted Mobius Scarves. I don’t know what I’m going to make this year but when I get to it I will be armed with some custom hang tags to go with the handmade gifts.

Custom Hang Tag Made with Silhouette Studio Designer Edition and Cameo

DIY Hang Tags Silhouette Cameo Project

With the help of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (required for sketch feature) and my Cameo, these custom hang tags are a cinch to make. The possibilities are truly endless!

Today I will show you how to use Silhouette Sketch Pens, Double-Sided Adhesive and Glitter to make a simple hang tag for your handmade gifts.

Simple and Easy Hang Tags for Your Handmade Gifts

Tools & Materials

  • Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
  • Silhouette Studio Designer Edition
  • Silhoeutte Double Sided Adhesive
  • Silhouette Glitter
  • Silhouette Sketch Pens
  • Kraft Cardstock
  • Twine

*All Silhouette Brand supplies may be purchased via Scrapbooks by Design!

Start by opening a new project in Silhouette Studio. Adjust the page settings to your needs. Now go to My Library and open the library tag file. I think it’s one of the original files that come with the Cameo. If not, you can always purchase a simple tag file from the online store or create your own tag like the rectangular one I made (pictured above).

Select the tag file and ungroup the layers. Delete the tag offset (the outer larger tag) and the circle offset. This will leave you with a very simple hang tag.

This is how I set up my tags:


To turn your font or files into sketches you must first highlight the item and then click on the sketch feature. For me, the sketch feature is a fun alternative to traditional print and cut. It’s hard to see in the photo but I used a glitter sketch pen to draw the handmade file. It looks pretty against the plain kraft stock.

It’s not displayed in the snapshot but I resized a heart shape by Echo Park to fit where the “o” should be in “Love”. For the “handmade” tag I purchased this cute title file by Jamie Koay.

This is the part where you can go nuts with the different options. I chose  to use Sketch pens to draw the designs onto the tags but I was thinking the “Made with Love” tag could be done in different vinyl colours which really compliment the glitter heart. The handmade title is a regular cut file. I used a glitter sketch pen but it would look great as a cut out too. As I said before…the possibilities are endless!


To make the heart for the tag you will need to go into My Library and open the appropriate file. Resize the heart so it fits the phrase. Copy and cut the heart shape. Start a new file and paste the heart. The double sided adhesive is 8.5″ x 11″ so change your paper settings accordingly. Cut your file using the Silhouette settings for the double sided adhesive. Peel off the yellow backing and place the heart on your tag.

Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive Project

Now remove the white backing and pour a little bit of glitter onto of the heart. Brush off the excess glitter and you should be left with a pretty, glittery heart. Fun and easy.

DIY custom hang tags silhouette project

I kept my custom hang tags really simple. It’s up to you whether you want to make something elaborate or quick and easy – either way the custom tags are an added personal touch to a handmade gift (or any gift period!).

I will end this post by noting that the Silhouette Cameo and Portrait are still on sale at Scrapbooks by Design. I really love my Cameo. It is a fabulous investment if you love to craft and especially if you are a paper crafter.

Until next time…happy crafting!


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