Double sided adhesive

Katrina here with a post on how to use the amazing silhouette double sided adhesive.

First I picked a design from the silhouette store. I used 3×4 life cards vertical numbers 1-6 by Lori Whitlock Design ID #26018

I wanted a big 4 for my project life layout where my son turns 4. When sending to cut I selected Double sided adhesive and used the suggested Speed 3, thickness 33, & blade 4. It also did a double cut.


When sending the media through the silhouette it suggests to put YELLOW side DOWN. I did that the first time and it was a huge mistake, it all stuck to the mat and mangled when I picked it up, My second try I put the WHITE side down and it picked off the mat like a dream. Also when you do it that way you can put it straight down on your project perfectly.

 dsa2 dsa3

Peel it off the mat & place it on your project. Then Peel the Yellow paper off & use your product of choice on top. I used the glitter.

dsa4  dsa5dsa6

Products used: Double-Sided Adhesive Starter Kit   Silhouette Glitter – Pastel Colors


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