Thanksgiving Pumpkin Place Cards

Hi everyone!  Thanksgiving is October 14 this year.  In my family, we will be having a big dinner and we are hoping my son will make the journey home to eat with us.  I like the idea of having place cards even though there will only be 4 [or maybe 5 if his girlfriend comes too] it’s fun to have something at your place that is holiday themed and that you can take home with you!

Here is what I came up with:


I used some fun new products in the store:  Doodlebug Happy Harvest 12 x 12 Paper Pack, Lawn Fawn Milo’s ABC’s, and Lawn Fawn Stitched Leaves Dies.  I also used some items from my stash including green floral wire, shipping tags, wooden clothes pins, some coordinating buttons and small scraps of coloured card stock.

Here’s how I put them together:

1.  Punch 6 circles from patterned paper.  I used a 3/4″ circle punch but you could also use the Circle Stackables from Lawn Fawn.  Fold circles in half with the  rights sides together and the wrong side out.  Glue the halves together to form an accordion pumpkin.  I used a glue stick for overall coverage.  I also used strong scissors to flatten one end so it looked more like a pumpkin.  If you don’t get the folding exactly right you might see a small bit of contrasting colour on your pumpkin.  Just use your sharp, pointed tipped scissors to trim the excess off.   I used my new bone folder from EK Success I purchased in the store.  I LOVE it!  The creasing end is perfect for this project and it’s so inexpensive!

2.  Wrap green coated wire around a thin cylinder.  I used a pokey tool [highly technical name here] that I have but it should be smaller than a normal pencil but larger than a wooden shish kebab skewer.  Check out your husband’s workbench or raid your kitchen drawer and see if he has a tool that is the perfect thickness.  I tried a bamboo skewer first and the vine was just too curly for me.

3.  When your vine is long enough, pull it off the cylinder and snip it from the main length of wire leaving a bit of a tail so you can adhere it behind the pumpkin.  I also trimmed off the starting edge because it’s a pain to try to force it to curl and I wanted my vines to curl right to the end!

4.  Take a look at your clothes pin.  You’ll see a silver hinge on it.  One end is longer than the other.  I am calling the longer end the handle and the shorter end the clip.  Check to be sure that it will stand on the handle end when set on a flat surface.  Trim a few green and brown card stock strips to 3/8″.  Use liquid adhesive to adhere the brown to the clip [short] end and the green to the longer handle end.  The liquid adhesive allows you some wiggle room to move your strip around to fit perfectly.  Trim ends to fit clothes pin.  You are going to use the clip end to hold your tag so it should be brown for the stem.

5.  Adhere the wire vine to the back of the pumpkin with Glue Dots.  I used three in total.  Place the long tail from your vine behind the folded edge of the pumpkin and place a glue dot or two over the wire and folds.  Adhere the whole pumpkin to the clothes pin with the top at the brown end.  I tried to keep it around the middle of the clothes pin.

6.  For the name tag, I uses Milo’s ABC’s to create my family’s names.  [Can I just say that I love the look of Lawn Fawn’s newest alphabet!]  These alphabet stamps are super easy to line up.  The stamps are rectangles and you only need to get the first letter perfectly straight on your acrylic block and the rest just get pushed right up against this first letter.

7.  Next I die cut the Lawn Fawn Stitched Leaves dies from patterned paper scraps left over from punching the circles.  I hate to waste even the small bits!

8.  I found some coordinating buttons in my button jar and threaded them white twine I got at my local Dollar Store.  After tying a bow on the top I used another Glue Dot to adhere the button to the leaf and then to the stamped tag.

9.  Pinch the top [green] portion of the clothes pin and slip the tag in the clip end and you’re done!  Note that the clothes pin stands up when you stand it up on the flat end of the handle.

Here they are individually:

For my daughter:


For my son:


For my husband:


And for myself:


These sweet little place cards were fun and very easy to make!  Once you get started you might not be able to stop!


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