Cupcake toppers using the Birthday Girl Collection Kit


I received the most wonderful assortment of birthday papers called The Birthday Girl Collection Kit which you can order at Scrapbooks by Designs. I decided to make some fun cupcake toppers with an added bonus, a little cupcake charm the birthday girl and her friends can take home as a party favour. Using the flower template in this package I traced out additional flowers and then cut out some white circles to mount the cupcake charms on.


You can use any color clay you want but I choose a tan color for the base and pale pink for the icing. Using a square shaped cutter cut out your base and for the icing part I used a flower cutter.


Using the rounded tip (where the arrow is pointing to) I lightly pushed that part into the base of the tan square to create a smile. For the icing top you will need to cut off the top half of the flower.

Join the two pieces together, add an eye pin on the top and bake according to the manufacturers instructions for the brand of clay you are using.

To finish it off add some eyes and some cheeks and you have an adorable party favour for your next birthday party.


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