Design Your Own Stationary with Silhouette Studio

What goes with custom made Olivia the Pig stickers?

How about your own designer Olivia the Pig stationary?

Make your own Olivia the Pig Stationary

Olivia the Pig Stickers and Stationary by

Pretty cute right? All I need are matching envelopes and maybe a box to store everything in!

Creating your own stationary with the Silhouette Cameo is fun and easy. Actually, you don’t really need the Cameo for this project but if you happen to have one, it does cut your paper beautifully. If you’re in the market for a Cameo or Portrait, make sure you visit Scrapbooks by Design!

Back to the Olivia the Pig Stationary…

Design Your Own Stationary with Silhouette Studio

Tools & Materials

  • Silhouette Studio (free download)
  • Silhouette Cameo (optional)
  • Olivia print and cut files
  • Olivia background/pattern files
  • White print paper

Start by opening Silhouette Studio. Use the letter size paper settings —> Turn on the registration marks and make sure the paper is in landscape mode.

Create a rectangle and duplicate the object so you have two identical note paper shapes. Fill the rectangles with the pattern/s of your choice. I used the Olivia brand patterns. Be sure to send the patterns to the back as you want them to be your base/background layers.


Next, create a rounded rectangle shape. It should be smaller than the patterned rectangles so you get a nice offset border when the two objects are centred and grouped together. When you are happy with the look, duplicate the rounded rectangle and align it with the remaining rectangle. To make sure your rounded rectangle is centred against the patterned rectangle, highlight the two objects and click on the align button and choose the centre option. Looks like this:


Turn off the cutlines for the rounded rectangles and change the line colour to “no colour”. Now you can decorate your stationary with print and cut Olivia files from the Silhouette online store.

The print and cute files have a white background. Although it is extra work, I like to remove the white background before I resize and place the file onto the stationary. You can skip this step but you may find the white background will limit where you can place the file on your project. See my previous post for instructions on how to remove the background from a print and cut file.


I created lined stationary by filling a text box with continuous underscore. Just be sure to colour and fill the line. You could also draw in lines and space them out evenly. Be sure to turn off the cut lines off for both options. If you don’t want to bother, the unlined stationary looks pretty sweet too!

Once you have decorated your stationary you can go ahead and print and cut your project! If you don’t have a Silhouette Cameo,  you can still print your project and cut out your stationary with a paper trimmer or a pair of scissors.

Design your own Olivia the Pig stationary

Don’t forget to make some Olivia the Pig Stickers to go with your cute stationary!

Until next time – Happy Crafting!


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