It’s strawberry season!


It’s my favourite time of the year when the berries are ripe for the picking. I was inspired by Lawn Fawn’s “Berry Cooler” paper and decided to incorporate my love for strawberries into a crafting project. It also turns out that we needed a last minute birthday gift this week for my daughter’s friend who also loves strawberries so here is a quick little gift I whipped up.

Supplies needed”

Red and green clay

Roller and clay stylus tool or a toothpick

Scrapbook paper


Roll the clay out to a desired thickness, cut out with cutters. I hand shape the bottom part of the strawberry to a rounded point. Using a toothpick make holes into the clay. Cut out leaves for the top and then roll out a thin string of green clay and make a couple of spirals to make the stem. Bake according to the manufactures instructions. I added some red and green glitter to make it sparkly.

Hope you give this a try!


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