Personalize a DIY Pouf with Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl

One of the things I love to do with my Silhouette Cameo is designing and cutting heat transfer material to create custom clothing or home decor projects.  Today I’m going to show you how to design, cut and apply Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer Material to your own DIY children’s pouf (buying one from the store is fine too).

Use Silhouette Heat Transfer Material to Personalize Projects

Tools & Materials

If you are making your own pouf, head over to Living with Punks for an excellent tutorial (including pictures). Keep in mind that you will apply your heat transfer design before sewing the pouf together.

I kept my heat transfer design very simple because the fabric already has a great print. If you’re making a solid fabric pouf, then go ahead and go nuts with your font or overall design.

Start by opening Silhouette Studio. The heat transfer material is only 9″ wide so be sure to change your work space settings accordingly. The mat is not required for heat transfer material.

Choose a font for your project. There are so many awesome fonts available but I really wanted something basic. Once you have typed the desired word or phrase you can adjust the size to your liking. If you are uncertain about the finished size, you can always cut the design on card stock to get a better idea of what your final work will look like.

When working with heat transfer material, you must remember to flip or mirror your image, especially if it is text. (You don’t have to worry about mirroring if your design is symmetrical.)


Load the heat transfer materials into your Cameo. Remember to change the setting on your Cameo to “Load Media” instead of “Load Mat”. Also make sure your roller is set for 9″ media. When you are ready, send your design to the Silhouette for cutting.

Trim away the excess heat transfer material and peel off the negative pieces. Your design should remain on the clear plastic backing.


Decide where you want to place your heat transfer design. I folded my fabric to find the centre point and then placed my design accordingly. If you are personalizing a finished pouf, then just find a spot that you’re happy with and plunk down your design.

Follow Silhouette’s instructions for ironing the heat transfer design onto the fabric. I’ve used both the smooth and flocked heat transfer material and find that you do have to hold the iron down for 45 secs.


I always peel the clear backing away very slowly in case some of the heat transfer material doesn’t stick to the fabric. If this happens, just carefully replace the clear backing and pressing cloth over the design and iron a little longer.

Here is my finished pouf which I personalized for my friend’s son. I really wanted to make him something special for his 1st birthday. I know his mom really appreciates her little one’s name on the pouf.

Personalize a DIY Pouf with Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

So you can see that a Silhouette Cameo is not just for paper crafting. It actually is a very versatile machine that can be used for various types of crafts. Although it was a splurge, the Cameo is definitely one of the most used tools in my craft room.

Until next time…happy crafting!


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