Canada Day Tattoos

I wanted some tattoos that were a little more unique than the Canada flag ones that we usually see, so I decided to make my own using the Silhouette printable tattoo paper.

First, I imported the images into Silhouette Studio and printed them out on my inkjet printer using the print and cut feature, ensuring that the print registration marks are clear and do not overlap any of the images, and that the images are reversed.

Canada Day tattoos - print images on tattoo paper

After letting the ink dry, I applied the included adhesive sheet on top of the printed page.  I aligned one edge of the page carefully….

Canada Day tattoos - align adhesive sheet

Then I slowly removed the backing on the adhesive sheet while smoothing the adhesive sheet down on the printed page.

Canada Day Tattoo - peel away backing

I used my scraper tool to rub the adhesive down.

Canada Day Tattoos - rub with scraper tool

Finally, I loaded the sheet into my Silhouette Cameo to cut the individual tattoos.

Canada Day Tattoos - cut out with Cameo

Here are the complete tattoos:

Canada Day Tattoos

Like other temporary tattoos, you apply the them to clean, dry skin by holding a wet towel over it for 45 – 60 seconds.  Et voilà!

Canada Day Tattoos - applied with water

This is a fun project to do for other holidays and for birthday parties as well.  I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time!

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