Create Your Own Family or Classroom Calendar with Silhouette

It’s been several months since I took the plunge and invested in a Silhouette Cameo. I’ve had plenty of time to experiment and have fun with the Cameo and I can say without a doubt that it truly is a must have for avid crafters. I have made custom t-shirts, cushion covers, DVD holders, cards, personalized sketches, magnetic dolls and more.

My latest project is a “classroom” calendar that I’m setting up for my kids in their playroom. School vacation is just around the corner and I plan on helping my kids maintain somewhat of a routine during their carefree summer days.

Take a look at what I’ve completed so far:

Classroom Calendar made with Silhouette CameoAll the components of my calendar were designed in Silhouette Studio. The font that I used is called KG Primary Penmanship which you can download from here. For the months of the year cards, I cut strips of card stock with my paper trimmer. I could have printed the months by hand or used the print and cut feature on Silhouette Studio but I decided to cut vinyl lettering instead. It’s more work but I like the look and texture of the vinyl letters. Silhouette Premium Vinyl is available in a variety of colours and different size rolls which may be purchased from Scrapbooks by Design.

Vinyl Lettering Silhouette Cameo School Calendar IdeasThe “Today’s Date” section is comprised of four library pocket cards. I used this file from the Silhouette online store. The file includes the library pocket as well as the matching card.

One of the things I love about the Silhouette Cameo is the fact that I’m not tied down to expensive cartridges. If I need a particular file, I can purchase it from Silhouette or other websites such as Lettering Delights.

Calendar Ideas Silhouette CameoThe monthly calendar section was the most time consuming part of my project to date (no pun intended). The date cards were cut using a tag file that was part of the original 50 files that comes with the Cameo. Once the tags were cut and put together, I created the vinyl numbers.

Vinyl Numbers Silhouette StudioSetting up the file for the numbers was easy but transferring the dates onto the cards was a bit of work. Again, I could have written out the numbers but the vinyl numbers are neat and easy to read.

Calendar Ideas silhouette cameo projectsA big lifesaver while putting together the calendar was my permanent adhesive strip dispenser. I rarely use glue these days. I find the adhesive strips and dot dispensers so handy and Scrapbooks by Design carries a good selection to suit your needs. Anyhow, I used a bit of permanent adhesive strips on the mini clothes pins and they stay perfectly put on the foam board.

My calendar is a work in progress. I plan on adding things throughout the summer. I’m so glad I have the Cameo to help me produce my own educational resources. I would have loved to have something like this back when I was teaching. Speaking of teaching, be sure to ask Scrapbooks by Design about the Educator discount.

I hope you enjoyed my little calendar “tour”. Until next time…

…Happy Crafting!!!


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