Having fun with clay and stamps!

Stamping onto polymer clay

Today I want to share how to use stamps from http://www.scrapbooksbydesign.ca/stamps/lawn-fawn with polymer clay.

http://www.scrapbooksbydesign.ca has tons of great stamps to choose from and the possibilities are endless! You only need 3 items to start this project. Your favorite stamp set, polymer clay and embossing powder.

Add embossing powder to stamped clay

First choose the color clay you want to use, I find black highlights the silver powder the best. Roll the clay out to a desired thickness and using the rubber stamp press down firmly to leave an imprint in the clay. Using your finger dip it into the powder and then rub it across the clay, the more you rub the shinier it will become. I used a scalloped cutter to cut around my design and then baked it in the oven according to the clay directions on the package. .

Card with stamped polymer clay

Using the clay flowers from my last post, I embellished my card with the flowers and now I’m all set to give this to my mom for Mother’s Day. Hope you try this quick and fun project out!


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