Make Your Own Magnetic Dress Up Dolls with Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper

Recently, the Silhouette Online Store featured a paper doll template with clothes and accessories as the free shape of the week. I really liked the vintage look of the set and decided it might just work for my latest project for Scrapbooks by Design – magnetic dress up dolls!

How to Make Magnetic Dress Up Dolls with Silhouette Cameo and Printable Magnet Paper

Tools & Materials

This project is very simple. In fact, it’s a great one to start with if you are a Silhouette newbie (which I kind of am!). If you have the Cameo, you will need to change your paper settings to letter size. Be sure to use the registration marks for print and cut. I prefer working with my paper landscape vs. portrait.

Start by going to My Library —–> Choose your file (Paperdoll). If you want everything to fit on one sheet of magnet paper, you will need to scale down the group of images a tiny bit. Next you need to select all the images and ungroup them. Doing this will allow you to move and arrange each individual image on your page to your liking.

Make Your Own Magnetic Dolls with Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper

Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper Project

When you are ready, print your project onto a Silhouette Printable Magnet Sheet. Place the the printed magnet sheet onto your Silhouette mat and load it into your Cameo. Send your project to the Cameo for cutting. Be sure to use the manufacturer’s recommended settings for magnet paper.

I print and cut my paper doll set with the tabs intact. I didn’t bother editing the tabs out because they come with perforated cut lines We don’t need the tabs for magnetic dolls so just peel them right off (super easy thanks to the perforated lines).

Make Your Own Vintage Magnet Dolls with Silhouette CameoPersonally I’m surprised by the way Silhouette has designed this paper doll set. It would have been easier to draw the doll’s arm away from the body so the clothes don’t require a cut out of the arm! The clothes look really funny like that. Oh well, the shape was free so I really shouldn’t complain.

Make your own magnetic dolls

If you missed the freebie you can still purchase the Paper Doll set at the Silhouette Online store.

One last thing before I sign off. You don’t need to own a digital cutter to be able to use the Silhouette Printable Magnet paper. A pair of scissors and a steady hand will work just fine for projects that don’t involve intricate cuts. Take a look at another magnetic dolls set that I cut out by hand.

Silhouette Printable Magnet Paper Project

Magnetic dolls

I hope my girls enjoy playing with the magnetic doll sets as much as I enjoyed making them. I had fun trying out the Silhouette Printable Magnet paper and look forward to using it again for future projects.

Until next time – Happy Crafting!


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