Spring flowers!


Hi everyone, my name is Vyvian and I am very excited to be apart of the design team. My passion is working with polymer clay but I also love incorporating my love of other crafts together. This month I created some mixed media flowers using paper from the Lawn Fawn Pink Lemonade Collection, Lawn Fawn’s Lawn Trimmings in Lemon  and polymer clay. You can use these flowers to embellish your scrapbooking pages, attach onto a hair bow, the possibilities are endless.

step one

Step one – gather up your supplies. I used flower shaped cutters but you can do them freehand or you can also find templates on the computer and make your own. A sharp poking tool like the one shown above is helpful in making the hole in the clay flowers and for poking through the scrapbooking paper and  the twine.

step 2

Step 2: Roll out your clay to your desired thickness. I personally use a pasta machine and roll it out on the setting #3. You do not need a pasta machine to do this project, polymer clay is soft and pliable and you can flatten it with your hand or purchase a small rolling pin ( that you will only use for clay) to roll it out. Use your cutter to cut out the flower and then with the poking tool, make two holes in the center. Then bake the clay according to the clay package instructions. While the clay is baking, cut out more flowers using your favourite scrapbooking paper, I used the paper from Lawn


Step 3 : Once your clay is baked and cool, line up the holes from the paper flowers with the clay ones and using the twine thread them through. You can tie a knot or bow, depending on how you want it to lay. You can continue to embellish them by adding some fine glitter to make them sparkle. Using regular white glue you can use a paint brush to apply the glue and then sprinkle until you reach the desired efftect.

I hope you give this try and I look forward to coming up with more embellishments for you to use in your scrapbooking projects.


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